Photo of Foundation Academy graduates outside of the Plant Street Campus

Portrait of a Graduate

Building a Foundation for Life Since 1958

Two graduates from Foundation Academy

Portrait of a Graduate


First and foremost we want our graduates to be immersed in the love of God being taught through His example of how to love others. ​

Spiritual Formation 

Love for God

  1. Understand what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus
  2. Have a loving personal relationship with Jesus

Love Others the Way God Does

  1. Genuinely love others through attitudes, service, and sacrifice
  2. Have a passion for the salvation of others

Authority of Scripture 

Love for the Word of God 

  1. Understand that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God
  2. Develop a Biblical Worldview allowing them to discern truth 
  3. Have a working knowledge of scripture which enables them to defend and live out their personal faith


We strive to provide our students with rigorous academia that not only promotes learning within our walls, but a hunger for learning that stays with our graduates for a lifetime.

 Academic Excellence

  1. Possess a love and desire for learning that will inspire them to become lifelong learners 
  2. Develop and utilize higher-level thinking skills such as critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and independent thinking skills, that will transfer to all life experiences

  Individual Purpose

  1. Appreciate their God-given design and utilize all that God has given them for His kingdom with courage and confidence
  2. Steadfastly persevere through difficult challenges by learning and growing through them
  3. Pursue godly decision making


Through love and education, we pray our graduates will lead their generations and positively affect their communities with the love of God.

Authentic Servanthood

  1. Demonstrate God’s love to others by actively engaging in service to others
  2. Develop Christ-like leadership skills and lead by example

Commitment to Community

  1. Develop a desire to serve in a local church community
  2. Desire to seek out godly counsel

Demonstrate godly character through compassion, kindness and empathy, while developing relationships and working alongside others

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